Ted Lasso AFC Richmond Believe Pullover Hoodie, 50%Cotton and 50% Polyester Fabrics

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Ted Lasso AFC Richmond Believe Pullover Hoodie

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Ted Lasso - An Absurd But Meaningful Television Series

Ted Lasson is an American sports comedy streaming television series. The protagonist Ted was invited by the English football club Richmond to transform from an American football coach to an English football coach. He will lead this middle and lower team to the Premier League. In the meantime, Ted has to deal with a variety of tough issues. Such as the communication between the team's public relations manager and the players, the team chairman's problem of stumbling the team and affecting the coach's formation, and the team building problem of young players from Africa being ganged up by local British players.

Actually, the real charm and focus of this play is the relationship between people, the growth and change of people's hearts, and the gradual formation of team harmony. The main line of football is just to make fans feel more cordial when they watch. This show has won a lot of Grammy Awards. Let's watch it as much as you like, you can't stop watching it.

Some friends may ask: What kind of Premier League club would be ridiculous enough to invite a rugby coach? Because the show itself is a product of the absurd. The origin of the role of Ted Lasso is the two commercials shot by the American TV station NBC to promote the broadcast of the Premier League in 2013. In the ad, Knowing nothing about football, he made a lot of jokes about the UK. Through the jokes caused by Ted's understanding of football, the advertisement gently spread a lot of knowledge about football, the Premier League, and the United Kingdom to American audiences. It can be said to be a classic marketing model in the advertising industry.


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